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Ta Petro

Truck Maintenance and Truck Repair Franchise Opportunities

Franchise Image

See how TA Truck Service can help you build your business.

Become a TA Truck Service franchisee and join the network leader in over-the-road truck maintenance and repair.

We‘re proud to provide the technology and training your operation needs to diagnose even the most complex issues on today’s vehicles and offer solutions for a quality repair, all while controlling costs.

National Recognition

With a network of more than 245 TA Truck Service locations, brand recognition by both independent drivers and fleets is within reach.

Franchise Support

Easily access dedicated franchise resources for training, marketing, construction, IT, operations along with experienced maintenance specialists.

Buying Power

Enjoy national purchasing relationships with key suppliers to provide cost of goods advantages.

Fleet Relationships

Benefit from established truck maintenance and breakdown repair relationships with top trucking fleets.

Training Centers

Stay ahead of industry trends and learn best practices at our proprietary training centers.

UltraONE Driver Rewards Program

Drive sales by attracting loyal UltraONE members who earn rewards as they spend at your facility.

Leading Technology Systems

Access customized POS and IT systems for efficient operation and robust business data.

Unmatched leadership

With more than 47 years of industry leadership and expertise, you can trust TA Truck Service to deliver the best path to your future.

…and MORE!

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